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To become a member of the U.S.S. Star League, you must first be a member of STARFLEET - The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. For their online application, please click on their logo.
USS Starfleet
Once you are a memeber of STARFLEET,
simply send your request using the form below.
Membership FAQ's
How many members does Star League have?
We currently have 31 members, but this number fluctuates.
STARFLEET is an international organization with over
four thousand members across the world.
How long does it take to be approved for membership?
Usually a few days. Once we receive confirmation from
STARFLEET, it's just a matter of signing up at the next
meeting or mailing in the application and chapter dues.
Must you live in the CSRA to become a member?
All of our events usually take place in the CSRA, but NO you do not have to live in the CSRA to become a member.
Once I send you my name and email address, what happens then?
When we receive your information, we will email you information about the club and its activities.
If you decide to become a member, we will send you a Membership application, optional medical form,
and an electronic copy of our handbook.
What do you get by becoming a member?
Your Membership with the USS STAR LEAGUE entitles you to:
1. USS STAR LEAGUE Operations Manual (accessible online). Printed copy available on request
2. STAR LEAGUE crew roster and updates
3. A crew ID Badge
4. Participation in all STARFLEET and Star League activities
How much does it cost to become a member?
o Single Member ...............$12.00/ year due in August.
o Prorated at a rate of $1.00/month if joining before or after August.
o Family member will be added at $3.00/year for each additional family member.
o Prorated at a rate of 0.25/month if joining before or after August.
o Membership runs from August 1st through July 31st.
Note - "Children age 10 and below are allowed to join at no additional charge when joining with a family member."
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